French Navy Rafales Fitted With TALIOS Laser Designation Nacelle

March 17, 2020 (Google Translation) – Engaged in the Foch mission of the Carrier Strike Group (GAN), the on-board air group (GAé) has been implementing, since February 28, 2020, the new TALIOS laser designation nacelle as part of training in ground support missions and maritime surveillance (SSC). This ramp-up phase will soon be followed by operational commissioning on Rafale marine which will authorize its use in a theater of operations.

The TALIOS (Targeting long-range Identification Optronic System) is a new generation Laser Designation Pod (PDL) covering a wide spectrum of capabilities. Day or night, it allows the Rafale Marine to carry out missions ranging from intelligence gathering beyond the reach of enemy weapon systems via high-resolution image sensors, to the guidance of bombs thanks to its powerful laser illuminator. .

The TALIOS differs mainly from the DAMOCLES pod, in service for more than fifteen years in the Navy, by the addition of a very efficient long-distance camera and the modernization of the IR band II (infrared) sensor. In addition, the human-system interface has been redesigned to present the pilot with all of the information essential for understanding a complex tactical situation. Finally, the maintenance of the nacelle is improved thanks to the addition of a “cabin maintenance” mode giving a direct report of its state at the end of the flight, which allows to anticipate its maintenance.

Thus, with the TALIOS pod, the GAé sees its operational capacities increased tenfold and now benefits from a high performance optronic sensor which will be an asset during the next operations of power projection or control of aeromaritimes spaces led by the naval aviation group.

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