Project 12700 Yakov Balyaev Final Sea Trials in Sea of Japan

December 7, 2020 (Google Translation) – The newest mine-sweeping ship of project 12700 “Yakov Balyaev” entered the Sea of ​​Japan for the final stage of factory running and state tests.

At sea, the crew, together with industry representatives, will finally confirm the operability of the trawler’s systems and mechanisms, and will test the ship’s weapons.

It is planned that on December 26 the minesweeper will officially enter the Pacific Fleet.

The minesweeper “Yakov Balyaev” is the fifth in the series and the fourth serial ship of this project. It is named in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union, sailor of the Pacific Fleet Marine Corps Yakov Illarionovich Balyaev.

The new ship is designed to combat all types of modern sea mines and has a unique hull made of monolithic fiberglass, equipped with modern hydroacoustic stations and an automated mine action control system.

Displacement – 890 tons, length – 62 m, width – 10 m. Full speed – 16 knots, crew – 44 people.

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