Five Colombian Navy Ships in Hurricane Iota Relief Operations

December 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – Under the context of the Unified State Action: having maritime, air and land resources; The Naval Institution has supported the transport of more than 420 tons of cargo, among them 117 of humanitarian aid.

After 15 days of the passage of Hurricane Iota over the Archipelago department, the Colombian Navy, through the Caribbean Naval Force and the San Andrés y Providencia Specific Command, has made five Surface ships and 474 Crew members available to the vulnerable population. , within the framework of the “Renacer” operation, in order to support humanitarian assistance and reconstruction efforts on the islands of Providencia, San Andrés and Santa Catalina.

This important military and logistical deployment is part of the response, stabilization and recovery plan of the archipelagic department led by Susana Correa, Manager of the Reconstruction of the Islands, Lyle Newball, Local Management Manager, and Vice Admiral Gabriel Alfonso Pérez Garcés Commander of the Colombian Navy , whom the National Government designated as the main coordinators to bring the Unified State Action to the island of Providencia.

Thanks to the capabilities of the Naval Institution, more than 420 tons of cargo have been transported to the island of Providencia, including 117 tons of humanitarian aid, 19,800 liters of drinking water, 30 tons of food for pets and dozens of machinery vehicles. heavy, aboard these Naval Units whose main use is to exercise effective maritime control.

In addition to the ships of the Colombian Navy: ARC Antioquia, ARC Independiente, ARC 7 de Agosto, ARC Golfo de Urabá and ARC Roncador of the General Maritime Directorate -DIMAR-, there are also Deployed in the emergency area crew members of the Risk Management Company, Diving and Rescue Department, Department of Weapons and Electronics, plus other operational units such as Fast Coast Guard Patrols of San Andrés and Providencia, three Naval Aviation aircraft and a Combat Logistics Patrol, with the mission of carrying out priority attention tasks in the island population.

The different actions of humanitarian assistance, collection of rubble, basic health care, restoration of basic services, water, energy and telecommunications, are carried out jointly between the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management -UNGRD-, the Public Force, the Colombian Red Cross, the Colombian Civil Defense, the Official Fire Department and other state agencies at the national and regional level that are part of the National System for Disaster Prevention and Attention -SNPAD-.

The Colombian Navy will continue to promote the well-being and health of the island populations of the Archipelago department, while ratifying that it will maintain at the service of the communities of the island territory, its logistical capacities and human talent to contribute to the inter-institutional work led by the State and the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management -UNGRD- in the reconstruction and comprehensive care of this area of ​​the country after the passage of Hurricane Iota.

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