Exercise CARAÏBES 2020

December 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA) carried out a large joint exercise from 23 to 26 November 2020, named CARAÏBES 2020. The objective of the latter was to optimize the coordination of land, sea, air, command and civilian components. military, around a scenario that can be encountered in the Caribbean.

To restore conducting major exercises in the area of ongoing responsibility (ZRP) in the Caribbean, the FAA Staff relied on the annual exercise MADIANA the 33 th RIMa Marine Infantry Regiment) to develop a more ambitious joint exercise.

Significant resources were deployed capability during these four days in the south of Martinique: the entire 33 th RIMa the Antilles-Guyana patrol (CAP) The Fighting , coastal harbor tug (CPP) maito , group neutralization, removal and destruction of explosives (EOD), and the operations center (CENTOPS). A Casa 235 transport plane from the Armed Forces in Guyana (FAG) and civil security with a Dragon helicopter provided the air component of the exercise.

To play out the phases of an operational population evacuation commitment, the missions entrusted to the military were varied: area security, evacuation of a population by sea, medical aid, delivery by air drop, destruction of an explosive device , etc. This exercise made it possible in particular to deepen common procedures, but also to test new digital command resources in real situations.

This type of training is necessary to streamline the operational actions that the FAA can lead in close collaboration with civil partners, State or not, in order to face a natural disaster likely to occur on the national territory or in the entire zone of West Indies. The CARAÏBES exercise will therefore be repeated in 2021, and will take on more scale: if sanitary conditions allow, it could integrate foreign units, in order to better coordinate actions and provide a common response for the benefit of the populations.

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