SLAM-F: The CEPN at the heart of the action

November 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – Since the beginning of October, the Center d’Expertise des Programs Naval (CEPN) has been present for the mine warfare equipment demonstration phase of the MMCM (Maritime Mine Counter Measures) program.

These prototypes, for which the Navy will conduct operational evaluations from spring 2021, prefigure the mine warfare capabilities integrated into the SLAM-F (Futur Anti-Mine Control System). As a reminder, SLAM-F is the program aimed at renewing naval mine countermeasures.

In this case, for the industrialist TDMS (THALES), it was a question of confirming with the French and British representatives of the OCCAR (Joint Organization for Cooperation in Armament), the operational capacities of its new drone systems according to “operational” mine warfare scenarios in the face of a realistic “threat”: securing a port, supporting deterrence, amphibious operations, etc .; More than thirty drill mines have been laid for assessment.

CEPN-Brest members participated as observers, with a keen eye on the performance of these new materials.

All drone missions were planned and carried out by the shift teams from a temporary operations center, located on the Cap de la Chèvre site. Surface drones (or USV for Unmanned surface vehicle) have used towed sonars (TSAM) and remotely operated underwater robots (ROVs) around the Bay of Douarnenez. At the same time, autonomous underwater drones (AUVs for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) operated under the dioptre, with complete discretion.

A second demonstration phase was held in November in Great Britain under a new operational framework. This time, the drones had to detect and locate the 70 mines of exercises carried out.

The CEPN sailors are at the heart of the project, and weave the link between new technologies and the operational needs of the French Navy.

The SLAM-F is taking shape, the future is already tomorrow.

This program contributes to the construction of the Navy of tomorrow, the Navy of 2030 : a cutting-edge , modern and innovative Navy capable of implementing ever more efficient technologies.

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