French Marines Train Local Forces in Gabon

November 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – In order to maintain the operational capacity of the TG 450.1, a full amphibious exercise was carried out from November 12 to 14 on the Nyonié site in Gabon. The goal of this exercise called OBAMBA, name given to a Bantu people of Central Africa, established in the east of Gabon, was based on the realization of an air-maritime raid between the Amphibious Helicopter Carrier (PHA) Dixmude and the exercise area on land.

For about 36 hours, embedded battle group (EWG), consisting of 6 units e Light Brigade Armored orders a tactical headquarters 21 e Marine infantry regiment (RIMA) and a airmobile group under two utility helicopters 3 e gunships Regiment (HCR), in coordination with the armed Forces in Gabon (FAG) has been completely grounded and evolved in the Nyonié National park to conduct its mission: to seize a fictitious pirate camp that would have established itself in the area.

The beach reconnaissance team and the detachment of marines having recognized and secured the beach area, the landing of the helicopter and amphibious troops was launched: coordination between Dixmude , the GTE, the French Elements in Gabon (EFG) and the FAG allowed a helicopter landing on land synchronized with the landing by apparatus of the amphibious flotilla and the naval fire support of Ventôse. In order to obtain intelligence and air support, a Fennec from the EFG air detachment also provided assistance to the ground troops. After the insertion of heavy equipment near the landing place, the GTE began its motorized and pedestrian infiltration over several kilometers in depth along a difficult route, beaten by equatorial grains, in order to go to recognize and then launch the assault on the fictitious village.

This comprehensive and ambitious amphibious exercise, which saw the landing of nearly 230 soldiers on demanding terrain, confirmed the full operational capacity of the TG 450.1.

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