Kommuna Returns to Sevastopol with AS-28

November 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crew of the oldest rescue vessel, Kommuna, of the Black Sea Fleet makes the transition to the Sevastopol basing point after taking on board the AS-28 deep-sea vehicle in the Novorossiysk naval base.

The AS-28 device earlier arrived by rail to Novorossiysk from St. Petersburg, where it was modernized at one of the shipyards.

After unloading the AS-28 from the railway platform, the specialists of the search and rescue operations department of the Black Sea Fleet prepared the device and launched it with a crane, after which the Kommuna crew lifted the device aboard.

The rescue vessel “Kommuna” is a regular carrier of the AS-28 deep-sea vehicle.

The AS-28 deep-sea vehicle underwent modernization and scheduled repairs, during which modern traffic control systems, updated sound-underwater communications and video surveillance equipment were installed on it.

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