Dixmude Delivers Two Patrol Boats for Togo

November 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – On October 28, 2020, during a routine stopover in Lomé, the commander of the Amphibious Helicopter Carrier (PHA) Dixmude received Jocelyne Caballero, French Ambassador to Togo, as well as various Togolese authorities for a lunch on board.

This meeting was marked by the handing over of two semi-rigid boats . These reinforce the resources of the Togolese navy, in order to improve their capacity to intervene in their territorial waters and to fight against maritime insecurity in the region. Training will be provided to Togolese sailors so that they can take full control of this new equipment.

Supporting the riparian countries to guarantee security and free movement in the Gulf of Guinea is a main mission within the framework of the Yaoundé process.

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