Maiden Arrival in Cartagena for ARC Almirante Tono

November 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – This vessel was transferred to the Colombian Navy within the framework of the international cooperation that the two nations have sustained for more than six decades.

After sailing the seas of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean; and sail 10,581 miles, arriving in Cartagena from the Naval Base “Jinhae” of the Province of Gyeongsang – South Korea, the Corvette ARC “Almirante Tono”, acquired by the Colombian Navy within the framework of international cooperation with South Korea. South.

In a ceremony presided over by Vice Admiral José Ricardo Hurtado Chacón Chief of the Operational Staff of the Colombian Navy in the company of insignia officers of the Naval Institution and commanders of components of the Caribbean Naval Force, the ARC Corvette “Almirante Tono “At the main dock of the ARC” Bolívar “Naval Base.

In compliance with the biosecurity regulations to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the protocol acts had the participation of a military detachment and assistance from the commanders. Families and the civilian population had the opportunity to follow this historic moment through the live broadcast on the official Facebook page of the Colombian Navy.

This Pohang-class Corvette-type unit under the command of Captain Nelson Eduardo Hernández Romero, is identified on the hull with number 56 and has 61 crew members on board, highlighting the participation of the only woman, Lieutenant Commander Liliana Ortiz Reyna, Head of the Operations Department. This select group of the Naval Institution sailed for 51 days from the Korean port passing through Apra Harbur on Guham Island, Honolulu in Hawaii, San Diego in the United States, passing through the Panama Canal, to later arrive at the Colombian port in Cartagena de Indias .

In recent days the project for the transfer and adaptation of the ARC “Almirante Tono” received recognition in the Project of the Year category, in the recent version of the “Navigate Our Pride 2020” Awards.

The new Corvette that joins the Colombian Navy has the honor of raising its flag in recognition of Admiral Tono, national hero of the Republic of Colombia, being the second in command of the squad that triumphed in the Battle of the Lake from Maracaibo to the order of Admiral José Prudencio Padilla López on July 24, 1823, a crucial victory for the independence of Colombia.

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