Colombian Navy Takes Part in Another Big Cocaine Bust

November 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – During the development of a coordinated operation, carried out between Units of the Colombian Navy and the Attorney General’s Office through the Specialized Directorate against Drug Trafficking of the Delegate Against Criminal Organizations with the support of the Anti-Narcotics Police, a Offensive action against drug trafficking organizations that commit crimes in the Colombian Caribbean, achieving the seizure of 320.40 kilograms of high purity cocaine hydrochloride that was destined for Hamburg – Germany.

Thanks to valuable information provided through the citizen collaboration program “Red de Aliados”, and the monitoring by intelligence agencies, which warned about the supply of fruits inside containers, carried out on farms in the banana region of Magdalena, for the camouflage of the illicit substance; The authorities coordinated the search and search procedures, achieving the seizure of 20 packages that, after being subjected to PIPH tests, were positive for cocaine hydrochloride with a net weight of 320.40 kilograms.

According to information sources, this illegal substance was entered into one of the city’s port piers with the intention of being sent to Europe for commercialization and it is presumed that it belonged to a drug trafficking structure associated with the Organized Armed Group known as “Clan del Golfo “, Which has criminal alliances within the ports and maritime terminals and who also currently dispute territorial control with other criminal organizations that demand money from drug trafficking organizations, as a result of illegal activity.

It is estimated that the value of this shipment on the European black market would have a cost of close to nineteen million two hundred thousand dollars (USD 19,200,000), a figure that, thanks to the forceful action of the Colombian Navy in coordination with the authorities, they will not enter the financial structures of transnational criminal organizations.

The Colombian Navy will continue with the development of joint, coordinated and interagency operations against the Organized Armed Groups, ensuring the security and tranquility of the legal use of the waters of the Colombian Caribbean.

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