BAP Pisagua Enroute Begins SUBDIEX Operational Deployment

November 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – On November 23, 2020, from the Callao Naval Base, the submarine BAP Pisagua (SS-33) set sail for the Atlantic coast of the United States of America, to participate in the Submarine Diesel Exercises SUBDIEX Operational Deployment, where during its development , anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare maneuvers will be carried out.

The ceremony was presided over by the Pacific Operations Commander, Vice Admiral Jorge Millones Gonzáles, who delivered the pennant of the Submarine Force Command to the Commander of the BAP Pisagua, Frigate Captain Luis Deza Guzmán, who, in turn, requested permission to set sail, proceeding to cover “Maneuvering Post”.

This operation is carried out annually with the Atlantic Fleet of the United States Navy as part of the DESI (Diesel Electric Submarine Initiative) initiative, of which our Navy is a member. Likewise, during this exercise, the crew of the Peruvian submarine will additionally participate in instruction and training courses.

It should be noted that the Peruvian Navy has participated in this exercise since 2002, since it contributes favorably to raising the level of training and teamwork skills, in an environment of intense activities, for prolonged periods and increases capacities. operations of the institution.

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