Taiwan Updates Submarine Program

November 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to media reports that “President Tsai blessed the start of national construction of submarines? The two red zone equipment has not yet been approved for export.” The Navy Command clarified today (22) that the media reports were untrue. The description is as follows:

1. The National Defense and Intelligence Committee of the Supervisory Yuan inspected the implementation of the Taiwanese shipping company’s submarine project on September 25 this year. The Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan visited the Taiwanese shipping company on October 26 to conduct an on-site inspection. The secret report of the project is currently being implemented under the supervision of the legislative and supervisory committees, and the current progress is normal.

2. According to the conditions for the contract submarine to start construction, it includes three items: the completion of the plant construction, the trial production of the ship section, and the signing of the main and secondary equipment contracts. The Taiwan shipping company has met the conditions for starting construction. The Taiwan shipping company is scheduled to start construction on November 24 ceremony. In addition, relevant media reported that both equipment have been approved by the U.S. government and signed contracts with manufacturers. It is now being notified to Congress that it will not affect the start of construction of the Taiwanese ship as planned, and hereby clarify.

3. The army continues to uphold a prudent and rigorous attitude and risk control. Under the supervision of the Legislative Yuan, the entire case is controlled in accordance with the law and the contract is implemented as planned, and the people are called for support.

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