Russia Announces Construction of an Undisclosed Number of Project 22350 Frigates

March 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – An additional series of frigates will be laid at the North Shipyard in St. Petersburg in the near future. This was announced by Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Alexei Krivoruchko after the launch ceremony of the Retivy corvette, project 20380.

“I want to assure you, first of all, the work team that the portfolio of orders, formed and signed with OSK enterprises, and in particular with the Severnaya Verf, will ensure the loading of the enterprise for at least the next 10 years. In the near future we also expect and will carry out the laying of additional frigates, ”the deputy minister said.

He did not specify the number of ships planned for laying, but explained that we were talking about project 22350 frigates.

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