ESPS Duero Returns to Cartagena

November 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – The mine hunter “Duero” (M-35) returns to Cartagena after participating in the Permanent Group of Measures Against Mines Nº2 of NATO.

This morning, the mine hunter “Duero” (M-35) has returned to its base in the Cartagena Arsenal, from where it set sail on September 20 to join the Permanent Group of Measures Against Mines No. 2 of NATO ( SNMCMG-2).

The SNMCMG-2 is one of the maritime components of the NATO Enhanced Response Forces (e-NRF), which allow this organization to act in a possible situation of crisis or conflict, or to carry out other types of activities such as presence in waters of interest to the Alliance, demonstrate solidarity with other countries, carry out diplomatic visits, or prepare and improve NATO’s capabilities for future operations.

The Grouping, made up of ships belonging to different countries, achieves its training and cohesion through its participation in different maneuvers and exercises organized by the allied countries.

During his integration, the mine hunter “Duero” has participated in the exercises OLIVES NOIRES in France, NUSRET in Turkey and POSEIDON in Bulgaria. In all these exercises, fictitious scenarios were proposed and exercise mines were anchored in the waters of each host country.

The mission of the “Duero” and the rest of the mine hunters consisted of searching for the mines with their sonar and, once detected, identifying them with the underwater vehicle available to them. This identification sometimes had the participation of divers from the Mine Action Diver Unit.

In just two months, the “Duero” has carried out 180 hours of hunting, 27 interventions with the ‘PLUTO’ underwater vehicle and 10 interventions with divers. This hunting rhythm, both day and night, has allowed him to identify 5 historical mines and 5 exercise mines.

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