FS Floreal Employing EDAU for Boarding Teams

November 18, 2020 (Google Translation) – As part of the Enduring Freedom mission within the Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 , the surveillance frigate (FS) Floréal is increasing the number of visit operations in a particular health context due to COVID-19.

The sailors therefore put in place a specially developed protocol to allow operations to continue in complete safety.

Equipped with personal protective equipment, the visit team establishes a rapid diagnosis as soon as it arrives on board the vessel visited. The temperature of each member of his crew is taken remotely using a specific thermometer and a mask is given to each, as well as a pair of gloves.

When the visiting team disengages, the sailors returning to the Floréal are systematically decontaminated by an Autonomous Decontamination Team (EDAU) through an established circuit: de-equipment and bio-cleaning of all equipment and of their effects.

In this way, Floréal remains fully operational and allows France to establish itself as a reliable and resilient partner within the international coalition to combat illicit trafficking.

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