Project 23470 Andrey Stepanov on Sea Trials

March 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crew of the sea tugboat (mb) “Andrey Stepanov” began undergoing factory sea trials (ZHI) in the Black Sea.

A new sea tug was built for a detachment of support vessels for the Black Sea Fleet.

The crew of the vessel, together with the factory commissioning team, is trained in the operation, maintenance and practical application of ship systems, devices and mechanisms.

At present, at the exit to the sea, adjustment and operation of the ship’s electric power system is being carried out, the main power plant is being tested for various operating modes, backup mechanisms and various equipment are being tested, including when switching to emergency power sources, and the operation of intra-ship communications . The boat and rescue devices are checked, the system of localization and liquidation of emergency oil spills is tested.

After the completion of the design and construction complex, shipbuilders together with the crew will carry out an audit of ship systems, devices and mechanisms and continue its preparation for the next stage of the State Test Plan.

In February of this year, the marine tugboat “Sergey Balk”, which is the same type of lead ship of project 23470, was accepted into the squad of support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet.

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