Indonesia Conducts Operation Shield Sakti-20

November 15, 2020 (Google Translation) – KRI Fatahillah-361, one of the elements of the Battleship of the Republic of Indonesia (KRI) which is carrying out Operation Shield Sakti-20, under Operational Control (BKO) Marine Combat Group (Guspurla) Koarmada II, held a joint exercise with KRI Karel Satsuit Tubun (KST) -356, and KRI Diponegoro (DPN) -365 who are members of the Jala Yudha Task Force in Balikpapan Waters, Saturday (14/11).

Commander of KRI Fatahillah Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Agus Setyawan said, shortly after refusing from Balikpapan Base to carry out bekul (re-supplies), his ship was rendezvous (RV) or ran into KRI Karel Satsuit Tubun-356 and KRI Diponegoro-365.

“Furthermore, Fatahillah carried out the Passing Exercise (Passex) with the two KRI elements of the Jalayudha task force. PASSEX is carried out in addition to improving the capabilities of the crew, also to train AAL cadets who are on board. The goal is for them to understand in terms of maneuver, send and receive news via voice, light signals and flags, ”explained Lieutenant Colonel Agus.

Agus added that currently there are 12 level IV AAL cadets who are taking the voyage with KRI Fatahillah -361.

Separately, the Commander of Guspurla Koarmada II, Laksma TNI Rahmat Eko Rahardjo said that the tactical exercises carried out by elements of the Guspurla Koarmada II operation were an effort to follow up on the directions of Pangkoarmada II Laksda TNI I NGSudih Journalists so that every element of KRI Koarmada II who is carrying out operational tasks continues to carry out operations. exercise independently or involve other elements.

“Where the Pangkoarmada II direction is also in line with Kasal Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono’s priority program, related to the field of doctrinal alignment, training operations and training systems that are flexible and adaptive to the dynamics of the current situation,” said Laksma Rahmat.

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