Caouanne rescues a drifting fisherman

November 17 2020 (Google Translation) – On November 12, 2020, the boat goes up net (ERF) Caouanne returns to the dock at the Dégrad-des-Cannes naval base when the crew sees a man on a polystyrene float calling for help.

It is drifting towards the mouth of the Mahury River.

Very quickly, he was rescued by members of the ERF. The castaway specified in Brazilian that he had been alone in the water for 48 hours. On arrival at the Caouanne quay, he was taken care of by the Cayenne firefighters. The gendarmes specified that the man was fishing on a canoe around the Îlet la Mer and that it had turned around.

The ERF is a building designed for Guyana. Since nets constitute an important economic value for illegal fishermen, it is a primordial and decisive tool in the fight against illegal fishing. This boat, unique in the armed forces, takes its baptismal name from a turtle threatened with extinction due to overfishing.

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