Maritime Police retired patrol ship sets off on a new journey to the Galapagos

November 13, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Maritime Police Agency (Chief Kim Hong-hee) announced on the 13th that two 300-ton retired guard ships of the Republic of Korea Maritime Police, which were granted free to guard the Galapagos waters, are departing for Ecuador.

As a follow-up to the maritime safety cooperation signed with Ecuador in May of last year, the Maritime Police Agency decided to transfer two 300-ton retired ships to the Ecuadorian Coast Guard.

A large transport ship carrying two retired ships over two days through a shipping company contracted by Ecuador will depart from Masan Port that night and arrive at Guayaquil Port, Ecuador in early December.

All transportation costs are borne by Ecuador.

Jeju retired guard ships 302 and 303, which were transferred to Ecuador, were built in 1990 and 1991, respectively, and by the end of last year, 357 and 215 ships for illegal fishing, including Chinese ships, and 203 and 179 ships for rescue in the seas of Jeju. Has been kept.

Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian Coast Guard is a member of the Navy, and due to the lack of security ships, one patrol in the Galapagos Sea is in charge.

When the two Korean coast guard ships arrive at the site, they will undergo a repair period for about three months, and then as a guard ship for the Ecuadorian coast guard, they will perform their missions alternately for about a week, round-trip between the Galapagos base and Posor port.

Marine police guard ships 302 and 303, which were retired from guarding the Jeju waters and transferred to Ecuador free of charge , are the main tasks of controlling illegal fishing in the Galapagos waters, illegal fishing such as drug transportation, and maritime security such as transport of emergency patients.

Initially, in May, the Ecuadorian Naval Chief of Staff was planning to sign the agreement to visit Korea and take over the ship, but as the visit to Korea was canceled due to Corona 19, the agreement was signed through international mail and a video message was used to thank.

In a video, Ecuador’s Chief of Naval Staff Harin said, “I sincerely thank you for the kind of friendship that helped protect the marine biological resources of the Galapagos Islands as a retired ship by the Korean Maritime Police.”

Maritime Police Commissioner Kim Hong-hee said, “I hope that Ecuador, which is having a difficult time due to the spread of Corona 19, will be a good gift and help protect the Galapagos World Heritage Site.” I hope that the maritime safety cooperation between the two will be further strengthened.”

Ecuador was a country that provided rice and supplies to the Republic of Korea during the Korean War, and this year’s free transfer this year, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, has even more special significance. On November 12, a maritime police patrol ship (painted in the color of an Ecuadorian maritime ship) is loaded onto a transport ship to transport it to Ecuador. Attachment 1 201113 Maritime Police Retired Patrol Ship Departs New Journey to Galapagos.hwp Attachment 2 Maritime Police Retired Patrol Ship is Carrying on a Ship Transferring to Ecuador.jpg Attachment 3 Ecuadorian Navy Chief of Staff Appreciation Video Translated.hwp

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