NRP Corte Real Crosses the Arctic Circle

November 16, 2020 (Google Translation) – Ship of the Portuguese Republic ( NRP ) Corte-Real crossed the Arctic Circle and fulfilled a naval tradition that the Portuguese Navy reported on its social networks. “When a ship crosses this line, it is tradition to paint the horn blue, this being one of the most famous naval traditions” , he explains.

In the publication, posted this Sunday on Facebook , the Navy also notes that, “this weekend, the NRP Corte Real fulfilled this tradition before entering the port of Bodoe , Norway, for a visit”, before starting “the participation in the Norwegian exercise FLOTEX SILVER 20, which will start next week “.

It should be remembered that the ” Arctic Circle corresponds to the parallel of latitude 66 (degrees), Arctic Circle 33 (minutes) north”, adds the National Navy.

This “comprises part of Scandinavia, northern Asia , North America and Gronel â India .”

See, in the gallery above, the images shared on the social network by the branch of the Armed Forces.

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