ITS Federico Martinengo Rescues Merchant Ship from Pirates

November 14, 2020 (Google Translation) – Today, November 14, frigate Federico Martinengo, on patrol in the Gulf of Guinea, intervened to rescue the merchant Zhen Hua 7 (with crewmembers of Chinese nationality and flying the Liberian flag) which suffered an attack during the night of pirates.

Close distances and established communications, ship Martinengo learned the confirmation of the escape of the pirates from the crew of the merchant and the need for medical support in favor of a seafarer with a gunshot wound to the legs. A team of the Marina San Marco Brigade (BMSM), specialized in the inspection and control activities on board the merchant ships, was infiltrated to verify the safety of the merchant and allow the safety of the health team to intervene.

The conditions of the injured seafarer were stabilized by the Martinengo ship’s medical staff and it was necessary to transfer him, with the frigate helicopter and in coordination with the foreign health authorities, to a hospital in the nearby town of Sao Tome in order to ensure him appropriate care.

The same frigate of the Navy had been the protagonist of a similar episode a few days ago, confirming how the Gulf of Guinea is now one of the maritime areas of the planet that has become one of the most dangerous. The Navy ship operates with the aim of ensuring the protection of national interests and the safety of maritime routes, in order to ensure the free use of the sea by national and international merchant ships.

Italian Navy photo

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