Integration of Ventôse into Task Group 450.1

November 9, 2020 (Google Translation) – Coming from the West Indies, the Ventôse Surveillance Frigate (FS) joined the Amphibious Helicopter Carrier (PHA) Dixmude on October 30 for the CORYMBE 154 mission, after 8 days of transatlantic.

Since October 17, the crew has taken advantage of the crossing to carry out exercises in order to arrive in the operation zone ready to fulfill the whole spectrum of the missions of the CORYMBE 154 mandate. on trafficking between South America and the Gulf of Guinea, an axis increasingly used by drug traffickers.

The Task Group 450.1, consisting of the PHA Dixmude and FS Ventose ‘s mission is to pursue operational cooperation actions in support of offshore marine riparian fighting against maritime insecurity and illegal fishing. By contributing to the display of a permanence of CORYMBE missions despite the current health context, this deployment ensures operational permanence in the Gulf of Guinea. The Ventôse has participated regularly in the CORYMBE mission since its launch in 1990, at the rate of one mission every two years. Each year a unit of the armed forces in the West Indies reinforces the CORYMBE mission thanks to the participation in alternation of the Ventôse surveillance frigates and Germinal.

This first day of joint patrol was used to carry out exchanges of freight by helicopter in order to recover the material necessary for the accomplishment of the mission.

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