RFS Nina Sokolova Completes Refit at Kronstadt

November 10, 2020 (Google Translation) – In the dock them. F.V. Mitrofanov JSC “Kronstadt Marine Plant” (part of the USC) completed the repair of the modern rescue tug “Nina Sokolova” of the Baltic Fleet.

Specialists of the Kronstadt Marine Plant carried out an inspection and repair, including painting, of the underwater part of the hull and mechanisms of the ship’s propeller-steering group. The renovation work continued for a month. The repaired tug is again ready for combat missions.

The rescue tug “Nina Sokolova” entered the Baltic Fleet in 2016. Received the name in honor of the world’s first woman-diver Nina Vasilievna Sokolova. During the Great Patriotic War, Nina Sokolova supervised all diving operations in Ladoga and the Baltic, and after the war she taught at the V.I. M.V. Frunze.

The vessel is designed to provide towing of ships and vessels, to solve support problems in the far sea zone. Serves as part of a squadron of rescue ships of the Baltic Fleet based in Lomonosov.

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