Kommuna in Novorossiysk to receive the AS-28 deep-sea vehicle after modernization

November 10, 2020 (Google Translation) – Rescue vessel Kommuna of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) is making the transition from Sevastopol to the Novorossiysk naval base to receive aboard the deep-water vehicle AS-28, which arrived by rail after the completion of modernization at a shipyard in St. Petersburg.

The rescue vessel left Sevastopol to receive the AS-28 on the “Kommuna”, which is the regular carrier of the deep-sea vehicle.

After unloading the AS-28 from the railway platform, the specialists of the Black Sea Fleet’s search and rescue operations department will prepare the device for launching and lifting it to the rescue ship “Kommuna”, after which the crew will carry out the transfer of the vessel to Sevastopol and prepare the device to perform the assigned tasks.

The AS-28 deep-sea vehicle underwent modernization and scheduled repairs at a shipyard in St. Petersburg, where it was equipped with modern traffic control systems, underwater communication and video surveillance equipment.

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