ARA Puerto Argentino Deploys for Combined Naval Antarctic Patrol

November 5, 2020 (Google Translation) – This morning, from the dock of the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base and bound for Ushuaia, the ARA notice “Puerto Argentino” set sail, to comply with the Combined Naval Antarctic Patrol (PANC) 2020/21, which takes place every year together with the Chilean Navy.

The sailing ceremony was presided over by the Commander of the Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Jorge Juan Siekan. Commanders of units of the Sea Fleet and relatives were present.

After the arrival of the authorities, the stanzas of the Argentine National Anthem were sung and the transitory order to set sail was read. Then, Rear Admiral Siekan offered words of farewell to the crew of the warning.

“The time has come for the unit to drop moorings and go to sea to comply with one of the main agreements and commitments that the Argentine Navy has bilaterally with the Republic of Chile, which is the Combined Naval Antarctic Patrol. Prior to that, there will be a period of preparation and testing of the ship’s systems ”.

And he added that “the ‘Puerto Argentino’ notice has had an intense enlistment period to reach this day. I have to acknowledge the personnel of the Puerto Belgrano Naval Arsenal and the Logistics Department of the Sea Fleet Command; and, especially, to its crew ”.

“Take advantage of this time, enjoy every day on board and at sea, and get the best experience. I wish the crew the best of success; let them go to sea and may our Patron Stella Maris bless this mission ”, he concluded.

Once the words were concluded, the Commander of the Sea Fleet received the “ready to sail” command from the Commander of the ARA “Puerto Argentino” warning, Lieutenant Commander Cesar Orellana, in front of his trained crew.

The Combined Naval Antarctic Patrol (PANC) arose from the agreements of the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1984 with the objective of safeguarding human life at sea and preserving the environment. Its development depends operationally on the commands of the Austral Naval Area by the Argentine Navy and the Third Naval Zone of the Chilean Navy, developing uninterruptedly since 1998.

This activity represents the joint effort that the Armed Forces of Argentina and Chile make to patrol and ensure nautical safety in an area that has a large influx of ships, since during the summer season maritime traffic in Antarctica increases due to scientific activities , tourist and commercial. For this reason, the patrol is extremely important, which even earned it the recognition of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The function of the PANC is to provide a search, rescue, maritime rescue, control and fight against pollution service, with the purpose of providing safety to navigation, human life at sea and to contribute to keeping the waters free of pollution , South of parallel 60ºS, in compliance with the Antarctic Treaty.

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