UK Developing MAST-13 Autonomos Vessel

March 9, 2020 – In the future, unmanned surface vessels will go beyond the ability of traditional ships to attack and defend in uncertain environments, giving us a technology advantage over our enemies.

One of these next generation systems currently being developed is MAST-13, an unmanned high-speed boat that will be capable of completely autonomous navigation.

The new system is similar to a water-borne drone. At 13 metres long, the boat will maneuver around a naval task force, either autonomously or remotely controlled from a rig. It could be used to identify threats such as mines or collect intelligence on enemy ships, and then feed this information back to Navy ships.

This could offer a crucial advantage for our UK Armed Forces in a world of evolving threats, providing more information and increasing protection for the UK’s future warships by detecting threats and operating beyond the visible line of sight.

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