Joint Brazilian and French Fishery Patrol

October 30, 2020 (Google Translation) – From October 23 to 24, 2020, as part of the Permanent Maritime Safety Posture (PPSM), the Antilles-Guyana (PAG) patrol vessel Resolute led a fisheries police mission to the border with a Brazilian vessel, the Bocaina. As a result, 7 tonnes of illegally caught fish are apprehended.

After detecting a tapouille in foray into French waters, at dawn, the PAG la Résolue visiting team was sent to the ship to check it. Despite the presence of the usual devices to hinder boarding (nets, boards in barrage), the crew is cooperative and the visiting team checks the building and the documents, showing that Com Antonio does not actually have Licence. In conjunction with the National Fisheries Monitoring Center, administrative processing is ordered. This will lead to the apprehension of 6.5 tonnes of products from illegal fishing.

At the same time, the Bocaina leads several visits to the other side of the border, in particular to tapouilles that fled after the ostensible appearance of the Resolute . The next day, a similar operation is carried out and an illegal Brazilian craftsman, the Com Jesus , is controlled by the Resolute . After administrative processing, an additional 500 kg are apprehended.

Ultimately, this joint patrol illustrates both the cooperation between France and Brazil in the field of State Action at Sea (AEM) and also constitutes a strong message addressed to illegal Brazilian fishermen. There is no impunity on both sides of the maritime border and there is strong interoperability.

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