La Fayette and Jean Bart Form Eastern Mediterranean Surface Action Group

October 30, 2020 (Google Translation) – On October 28 and 29, the light stealth frigate (FLF) La Fayette and the anti-aircraft frigate (FAA) Jean Bart carried out joint operations in the eastern Mediterranean.

These maneuvers, carried out as part of a Surface Action Group, enabled the two crews to evolve and cooperate as a constituted force, with a view to asserting the French presence in defense of international law in MEDOR.

Light load transfer (TRALER) and Tomato Killer target artillery exercises were an opportunity for the sailors of the two crews to rehearse their ranges in a realistic tactical context.

The two frigates also deployed their respective Panther helicopters on a patrol formed to ensure several air and sea space control missions, confirming their qualities as a deported means of assessment and analysis of the naval situation.

In summary, these activities have helped to maintain the technical performance necessary for operational deployment, while recalling France’s attachment to freedom of navigation and respect for international maritime law in an area marked by tensions. linked to the exploitation of energy resources.

Engaged since the end of July in the central and eastern Mediterranean, the frigate La Fayette contributes to the autonomous assessment of France’s situation and to the support of Operation CHAMMAL in the fight against terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

The frigate Jean Bart is heading for the Indian Ocean, in order to ensure French permanence in this area of ​​strategic interest and to contribute to Operation AGENOR.

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