Colombian Navy Rescues Eight on High Seas

November 3, 2020 (Google Translation) – The vessel in which they were transported presented failures as a result of adverse meteorological conditions.

In operations to control the sea, the Colombian Navy, through Coast Guard units attached to the Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia, rescued eight fishermen aboard a Colombian motor ship named “Sishell”, which presented failures in its governance system due to the adverse meteorological conditions that occur in the area, being adrift more than a nautical mile from the coast of Providencia.

The emergency was reported by the occupants of the fishing boat to the Providencia Coast Guard Station, initiating the deployment of a Rapid Reaction Unit -URR- to the west of the island of Providencia, place of the emergency.

Initially, a fishing vessel that was passing through the sector tried to tow the motor ship “Sishell” and its crew, the maneuver being unsuccessful, due to the strong waves and strong winds caused by Hurricane Eta, which prevented the rescue at sea.

Thanks to the propulsion capabilities of the Coast Guard unit’s engines, the crew of the Naval Institution continued with the humanitarian support operation, managing to tow the boat and the eight castaways who were in good health to a safe harbor.

Once the emergency was over, the Providencia Coast Guard Station in coordination with the Naval Outpost No.21 and the Providencia Port Captaincy, continued with maritime and land controls, verification of piers, beaches and keys on the island, and the same They informed the community about the risks of Hurricane Eta passing over this area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean.

The Caribbean Naval Force, through the Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia, ratifies its commitment to ensure comprehensive maritime security and the protection of human life at sea. Likewise, it invites the boating community to report any emergency through the toll-free number 146 or channel 16 in marine VHF and to follow the instructions of the civil and military authorities regarding prevention and attention to disaster risk.

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