Taiwan Issues Statement on Submarine Construction

November 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to media reports that the submarine nation-building was delayed, the director of the Haifa Center resigned, the Naval Command said today (2) that the contents of the report are false and inconsistent with the facts, as follows:

The submarine state-building case is currently running smoothly according to the planned schedule, and under the supervision of the committees of the two houses of state supervision, the taiwan shipping company has been scheduled to hold the opening ceremony in November.

Second, the relevant media reports of the Director of the Naval Shipbuilding Development Center, Major General Yan Weiyang, resigned, the contents of the report is by no means true. The director is loyal and sensitive, all the posts of the military can do their duty, at present for the submarine country to build a case, still do their best, there is no retreat, the media careless reporting, there is unfairness.

Third, the Ministry calls on the media to do their duty of proof, do not speculate, render, mislead the public audio-visual, the army continues to uphold a prudent and rigorous attitude to do a good job of risk control, as scheduled to complete the construction of submarines, call on the people of China to support.

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