Taiwan Decommissions Dahan (ex-USS Tawakoni)

November 1, 2020 (Google Translation) – The 192 Fleet of the Naval Fleet Headquarters held a decommissioning ceremony for the “Dahan Warship” today. It was hosted by the commander’s high-ranking generals and invited successive captains and important cadres at all levels to participate in the grand event and witness the history of the navy. Great moment.

The ceremony was held in the Naval Xinbin camp in the morning. At the ceremony, Commander Gao officially announced the decommissioning order. In his speech, he thanked the predecessors and colleagues who had served on this warship. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, they could achieve success. For this task, the Dahan warship used to maintain maritime safety and support military exercises, with outstanding performance and writing a glorious history for the Navy.

Commander Gao pointed out that the Dahan warship has performed many major domestic sea and air disaster search and rescue missions, as well as the towing and rescue of the Panamanian merchant ship, and the Greek cargo ship “Amas” stranded alert rescue missions. Dahan warship’s feats and history Established a glorious example of naval officers and soldiers.

“Veterans do not die, they just fade away.” Gan Keqiang, commander of the Navy Front and Rear Service who was invited to attend the ceremony, was also the first captain of the Dahan warship. In addition to sharing the 78-year glorious history of the Han warship from World War II to the period of service in my country, he also quoted He quoted General MacArthur’s famous words to express his unwillingness, and that the spirit and capacity of the Han warship will last forever.

The high commander expects that the navy officers and soldiers must use history as a mirror, be committed to maintaining the fine traditions of the navy, uphold the “anchor chain spirit,” and continue to carry forward the navy’s “loyalty and military style”, and continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of protecting the security of the Taiwan Strait, so as to live up to all The ardent expectation of the Chinese people.