Developing core technologies to open the era of aircraft carriers

October 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – On Tuesday, October 27, The Director of the National Defense Agency (Wang Chung-hong) announced that the “Light Aircraft Carrier”) will hold a meeting to begin the development of core technologies.

Taking into account the corona-19 situation, the meeting will be conducted in accordance with the defense guidelines, and officials from the Radiation Agency, the military, and the R&D agency will attend to review the development plan and the plan for securing the core technology of the light carrier.

The meeting is the first step in the development of EKRorea in earnest by utilizing the superior technology of industry and academia to the core technology for the design and construction of the light-aircraft carrier project. As the July 19 turnaround was decided, as opposed to the existing traps, a new weapon system called vertical take-off and landing aircraft was operated, and the key technology that must be preemptively secured was identified through discussions by civil, government, and military experts.

Selected core technology is a technology that avoids the details private or technology transfer in developed countries, there is a high-quality technology such as coatings that protect the flight deck from the vertical take-off and landing aircraft exhaust heat of more than 1,000 ° that can melt the thick steel plate.

Since April, seven organizations in charge of developing core technologies have been selected, including the National Defense Science Research Institute, The Korea Institute of Mechanical Research, the Aerospace Research Institute, the Marine Marine Plant Research Institute, the Materials Research Institute, Busan University, and LIG NexOne, according to procedures such as evaluating and negotiating proposals through the announcement of the proposal request.

Core technology challenges will be developed to be applied to the project through consultation with relevant organizations, such as technical review. As the core technology of the light-dong carrier is developed mainly in industry-academia research institutes, it will cause positive ripple effects technically and economically in the relevant field, and further strengthen the technical capabilities of industry and academia to maximize the performance of future drying traps.

Kim Tae-hyun, head of the naval landing ship business team at The Radiation Agency, recognizes that the core technology for vertical take-off and landing aircraft is very important to the light aircraft business, and it is of great significance to develop its own by utilizing the superior technology of industry and academia. That’s why we will do our best for business managers and developers to achieve a level of maturity compared to developed technology.” He said.

The core technology of the light carrier will be completed by 24 years through the process of development and performance testing and will be applied to the light aircraft carrier project.

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