Frigate La Fayette Stopover in Beirut

October 28, 2020 (Google Translation) – Less than two months after the arrival of the Tonnerre amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) as part of the assistance operation AMITIÉ, the light stealth frigate (FLF) La Fayette , deployed in the Mediterranean since July 28, made a stopover at Beirut from October 22 to 26.

Capital hard hit by the explosion of a warehouse in the port last July, the arrival of the frigate La Fayette was the opportunity for France to reaffirm its support and attachment to the Lebanese people in the ordeal. A country sharing unfailing ties with France, the fruit of a common history, the stopover also allowed the commander and a pennant bearer to commemorate the Drakkar attack at the Ambassador’s residence, which cost his life on 23 October 1983 to 58 French soldiers.

In addition, La Fayette welcomed, Her Excellency, Ms. Anne Grillo, newly appointed Ambassador of France to Lebanon. This visit made it possible to present to the diplomat the detection and action capabilities of light stealth frigates, which play an essential role in France’s capacity for autonomous assessment of the situation in the Levant.

The stopover was also an opportunity to prepare a bilateral exercise with the Lebanese Armed Forces, with a view to maintaining a high level of interoperability with this strategic ally in the area.

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