Taiwan Denies Submarine Design Approval Has Been Given

October 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to the media report that “the main equipment of the national-built prototype of the submarine has not yet been approved for export,” the Navy Command stated today (27) that the content of the report did not match the facts.

The Naval Command stated that the National Defense and Intelligence Committee of the Supervisory Yuan inspected the implementation of the Taiwan Shipping Company’s submarine project on September 25 this year. In addition, the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee of the Hitachi Court visited the Taiwan Shipping Company yesterday (26). The implementation of the confidential report of the national submarine construction project is currently being implemented under the supervision of the legislative and supervisory committees. The progress is normal. The submarine construction can be scheduled to start in November according to the plan node.

The Naval Command emphasized that the media should do its utmost to verify and avoid misleading the public. The army continues to uphold a prudent and rigorous attitude and risk control, and complete the national construction of submarines as scheduled and quality, and appeals to the people for support.

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