OSI Contracted to Deliver TDNS for Submarine Upgrade

October 26, 2020 – OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) is pleased to announce the signing of a contract to provide the company’s advanced submarine solution, Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS), for another submarine upgrade program.

The contract, facilitated through the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) for a Government-to-Government (G-to-G) agreement to support an allied naval force, is for a system based on OSI’s upgrade design applied to existing navigation capability in legacy submarines.

Ken Kirkpatrick, President and CEO, OSI Maritime Systems commented, “CCC has been a driving force behind this initiative. OSI’s global team of professionals is extensive, but when CCC steps in, you know that as a Canadian company you have some of the best supporting your business.”

Part of the design includes a Digital Maritime Operations Plot (D-MOP) with the advanced ECPINS Submarine software, to deliver a state-of-the-art tactical navigation advantage. In a submarine, where operating space is confined, the D-MOP’s hardware and a flexible system architecture is custom fitted to maximize and efficiently deliver navigational and tactical advantage to the crew.

“It’s satisfying to see OSI’s capabilities put to work in retrofitting a submarine in mid-life.” stated Jim Davison, VP Business Development, OSI Maritime Systems. “There are rewarding challenges that come with being able to extend the operational capabilities of an existing submarine.”

Further, ECPINS Submarine exploits technology by offering features that increase the submarine’s performance by being able to operate with or without the aid of sensors – a superior tactical as well as self-defense capability.

Independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564, OSI solutions are deployed on the submarines of Sweden, UK, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil.

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