Spanish Navy CANEX-20 Concludes

October 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – Today, Friday, October 23, the CANEX-20 exercise carried out in the Tercio de Armada, in San Fernando and at the Rota Naval Base has ended.

The CANEX Exercise is a biannual exercise programmed within the scope of the Army Protection Force (Tercio Norte de Ferrol, Tercio Sur de San Fernando, Tercio de Levante de Cartagena, Madrid Group and Canary Islands Security Unit), for the training of their cynological Units.

The basic units are made up of a dog, his guide and a chief (1st corporal / NCO), plus his transport vehicles; this set forms a cynological team that is integrated into the cynological Unit of each Third. They are regularly trained in their respective specialties: Security and Combat (SYC), Explosives Deactivation (DEX) and, although they have not participated in this exercise, there is also the specialty of drug and narcotics detection (DDE).

In CANEX 2020, training has been carried out in some of the scenarios in which these units are used, especially in helicopter operations and collaboration with the GEDE (TEAR explosives deactivation group), in order to contribute to the integration of the components of the cynological teams of the different units of the FUPRO, practice operating procedures, exchange experiences and standardize techniques and tactics.

On this occasion, to optimize collaborations with helicopters and ships, the exercise has been transferred from Cartagena, its base and usual setting, to Rota and San Fernando. The director of the exercise, and responsible in the Navy for the cynological doctrine, is the Colonel Chief of the Tercio de Levante.

Fourteen units have participated in CANEX 2020, twelve from the Armed Protection Force, one unit from the Air Force and another from the National Police Corps.

The dogs, the true protagonists and main actors of the exercise, are mostly of the Belgian Malinois breed, robust, energetic animals with a temperament that makes them ideal for these missions.

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