Colombia Intercepts Another Narco Sub

October 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – A semi-submersible loaded with more than two tons of cocaine hydrochloride was intercepted in the last hours by units of the Colombian Navy, in the Colombian Pacific, during the development of operations to control the sea.

Sustained operations against drug trafficking carried out by the units of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station and the Coast Guard ARC Punta Soldado, with the support of an Air Naval Platform, allowed the detection of a semi-submersible device, at the time it was moving 35 nautical miles from the sector known as La Bocana Amarales, in the department of Nariño. After several minutes of pursuit, the naval artifact that was destined for the Mexican coasts, was detained by the units of the Colombian Navy, who proceeded to inspect it, finding 119 sacks that contained inside rectangular packages pressed and packed, with narcotic substances and communication and geolocation equipment.

The semi-submersible along with the sacks and its crew were transferred to Tumaco, where members of the Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor’s Office carried out the approved preliminary identification test (PIPH) for the substances, showing positive for 2,045 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride. which would be valued at more than 67 million dollars in the international illegal markets.

According to intelligence information, this shipment would belong to the Residual Organized Armed Group “United Guerrillas of the Pacific” and would be delivered in the next few days in Mexico.

The subjects were captured and placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for the alleged crimes of trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotics and, in addition, for construction, marketing and / or possession of semi-submersibles or aggravated submersibles.

To date, the fight carried out by the Pacific Naval Force against the main source of financing of the Organized Armed Groups and Transnational Organized Crime Groups in this region, leaves 132 tons of cocaine hydrochloride and 35 tons of marijuana seized, which represents a strategic allocation of more than 4,543 million dollars, with which these illegal organizations seek to finance their armed and criminal actions, which affect the security and tranquility of the civilian population.

The Colombian Navy in the Colombian Pacific maintains the development of operations with units deployed in the maritime, land, river and air scene, to continue weakening the sources of financing of the Organized Armed Groups and Transnational Organized Crime Groups. The civilian population is invited to report on lines 146 and 147, available 24 hours a day, any illegal or suspicious activity that may affect the sources of financing of these groups outside the law.

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