Project 02690 SPK-57150 Maiden Arrival in Vladivostok

October 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – A detachment of support vessels for the Pacific Fleet has been replenished with the newest self-propelled floating crane of project 02690 – SPK-57150.

On the eve of the floating crane, which followed under tugs from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok along the Northern Sea Route, arrived at the place of duty in the capital of Primorye. It has already been delivered to the berth, where the ship is being unpacked after the transition and preparation for entering the permanent readiness forces.

SPK-57150 became the fourth floating crane of this project in the Pacific Fleet.

Self-propelled floating crane of project 02690 “SPK-44150” was built at JSC “Almaz” in St. Petersburg. It is designed for loading weapons on surface ships and submarines, as well as for the transport of goods.

The floating crane is capable of performing all types of lifting operations, loading discharge cargo on surface ships, submarines and ships, ordinary cargo, tightening the chains of fastening of floating berths, installing and photographing raid equipment, and transporting goods on the upper deck.

Its displacement – 2 thousand tons, length – 50 m, width – 22 m, maximum speed: 6 knots, carrying capacity: 150 tons, cruising range: 3500 miles, autonomy: 10 days, Crew: 22 people