Navantia Upgrades Australian Landing Craft

October 21, 2020 – The Australian ALHD Landing Craft Upgrade Program has been the winner of the 2020 Essington Lewis Awards – Minor Sustainment Activity.

Navantia Australia, UGL, Defense Science and Technology and the Royal Australian Navy Technical Office, led by the Amphibious Combat and Maritime Transport System Program Office (ACSSPO) and the CoA and Company Capabilities Support Coordinator KBR formed a collaborative engineering team to achieve a significant improvement in LLC launch capacity.

Following an in-depth technical assessment, the team delivered design-build solutions and new alternatives that offer both immediate and long-term enhancements to LLC capabilities as well as long-term strategic benefits, including significant savings for the Commonwealth of Australia and the community. during the operational life cycle of the boats.

Navantia Australia Chairman Warren King said that “the award given to the LLC improvement program is an exceptional achievement and a great example of collaboration between industry and defense.”

For his part, the Managing Director of Navantia Australia, Alfonso García-Valdés, has commented that the Naval Engineering and Design Center of Melbourne of Navantia Australia generated a design and installation package “ad hoc” to the requirements of the RAN. He added that “it is an excellent example of the engineering capacity of Navantia Australia and another new example of its firm and constant commitment in supporting the Commonwealth of Australia, from Australia and for Australia, putting in value the real capacity of design and Australian knowledge ”.

Navantia Australia has worked in this time in collaboration with the Amphibious Combat and Sealift SPO (ACSSPO) to help them understand the use and missions required for LLCs.

The team undertook a systematic systems engineering process to assess the customer’s operational requirements and developed a number of various options to enhance the LLC’s global capacity.

Through this collaborative process, Navantia Australia increased the LLC’s payload (deadweight) capacity from 20 tons to 60, within established operating limits. This eliminated any perception of unsafe operation in open waters and rough seas. The result is a 300% performance improvement at minimal cost. This capacity enhancement enables the loading and transport of all current and future land vehicles, providing a force deployment multiplier for amphibious units.

The Essington Lewis Awards are designed to recognize industry excellence and Department of Defense collaboration, working together to overcome challenges or new missions and ensuring that Australian Defense Forces have the equipment they need, when they need it and at a reasonable cost. .

In Australia, Navantia’s collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy began with contracts to design Hobart-class guided missile destroyers (DDG) and continued with the design and construction of the LHDs and twelve LLC landing craft, as well. as with the recent contract to design, build and maintain two AOR vessels for refueling at sea auxiliary vessels.

Established in 2012, Navantia Australia is the Design Authority and provides platform system design and integration services for its vessels.

Navantia Australia is leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies to develop smart sustainability solutions to deliver smart asset management to the CoA in each of the programs in which it participates.

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