Rohde & Schwarz supports coast guard maritime homeland security missions

October 21, 2020 – Coast guards around the world need to balance unprecedented demands. They must perform their traditional duties, such as search and rescue (SAR) operations, while also fighting crime and safeguarding maritime homeland security. They must detect, locate and identify different types of offshore distress situations, illegal operations and threats. Rohde & Schwarz has extensive experience in managing the integration of monitoring and direction finding systems and provides comprehensive services for system integration and system lifecycles.

Internal company standards ensure thorough quality management and an efficient organizational structure. Project teams with years of experience in spectrum monitoring technologies form a strong basis for successful projects. Knowing what is happening offshore and tracking potential targets over a broad geographic footprint dramatically increases maritime domain awareness. Such systems help detect, identify and locate potential targets, while surveilling them and intercepting communications.

Compact monitoring and direction finding systems can maintain surveillance along a shoreline across the entire communications spectrum. These systems can be configured for surveillance of wide frequency bands in the VHF/UHF range or for continuous monitoring of specific frequencies, such as the maritime distress channel (maritime radio VHF channel 16 at 156.8 MHz). They can intercept and locate emergency calls in less than a second and reliably determine the position of any real distress call or of hoax callers by displaying their origin on a digital map. Open interfaces allow data fusion with coastal radar and other surveillance infrastructure. This improves maritime safety (boosting the efficiency of SAR distress-call responses) and homeland security. The monitoring system automatically maintains radio surveillance of the maritime border for improved defense of national coastal waterways, provides information on offshore traffic, and maintains operational readiness for coastal missions.

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