FS Pégase Trains in MECO

October 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – Since September 28, 2020, the tripartite minehunter Pégase has been in an operational readiness period (MECO). The purpose of this training is to prepare the crew to face all the situations that they may encounter in the context of their missions.

For the Pegasus , the MECO began with a week at the quayside, during which the sailors consolidated their organization and cultivated the spirit of the crew, in particular during the physical and military preparation of the fighter. Then came the time to set sail. The first week at sea was devoted to the fundamental skills of a combat vessel. The crew thus went through the numerous safety and defense exercises against boats, the towing maneuvers and the implementation of the visit team.

ince October 12, the Pegasus has been conducting synthesis exercises focused on its capabilities to fight and fight against mines, its core business. This “high-end” training called livex helps bring the crew to the highest level of excellence.

In a few days, the Pegasus crew will be fully operational and ready for deployment. He will soon be leading minehunting missions in the Irish Sea and the English Channel.

The three-week operational training course (MECO) is regularly scheduled in the operational cycle of the naval action force buildings. It makes it possible to improve the training of newly embarked sailors and to validate, under the expert gaze of the coaches of the Training Division of ALFAN (Naval Action Force Headquarters), the ability of crews to successfully conduct all future missions.

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