Dixmude Exercises with Moroccan Navy

October 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – On October 12, 2020, the amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) Dixmude and the Moroccan frigate Mohamed V carried out bilateral training off the Moroccan coast. A particularly busy day for the crews who carried out a series of varied exercises ranging from pursuing a suspicious track to refueling at sea, passing through phases of tactical development. Profitable training for all PHA sailors, a few days before the start of the CORYMBE mission.

After having evolved in Moroccan territorial waters under a foggy sky, the Moroccan frigate Mohamed V gradually took shape off Casablanca, under a much milder sky than on arrival in the area. In order to strengthen Franco-Moroccan friendship, several exercises were jointly proposed in order to improve the skills of the respective crews.

The Dixmude and the Mohamed V conducted an exercise in pursuit of a suspect vessel. Once the trace of the ship was found, the Diksmuide visit team accosted the Moroccan frigate on its starboard side without going on board in order to respect the desired isolation and to respect the barrier gestures. The aim of the visiting team is to carry out checks on flags and cargoes, to intercept boats carrying illegals or to fight against arms trafficking, drug trafficking and, in general, piracy. In an effort to coordinate the two Marines, an air defense exercise was also implemented. In coordination with the “Control Operations” of the frigate Mohamed V, the two ships were able to practice anti-aircraft warfare by simulated means.

The Moroccan frigate and the PHA Dixmude finally carried out a tactical evolution exercise testing their ability to maneuver in a constituted group.

Even in the current health context, crew training and combat preparation remain essential. This type of bilateral exercise thus maintains the necessary interoperability between our two navies.

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