Taiwan Statement on US Arms Purchases

In response to the media report that “the US military has deducted 200 billion from our military purchase balance, the 182 officers of the Ministry of Defense have a big mistake”, the Ministry of Defense refuted this (18) day, and the report quoted the information as inconsistent with the facts. It does not matter. “182 officers The situation was recorded due to the military purchase case. The clarification is as follows:

1. The headquarter has clear and rigorous operating procedures for the financial management of the US military purchase. The headquarter shall submit the balance of the arms purchase case to the national treasury in accordance with regulations; the amount stated in the report is the payment completed by the headquarter in accordance with the offer document and the US has not yet paid The amount of goods listed in the account is not the “arms purchase case balance”. The media reports were misunderstood.

2. After the US side provides regular reports for our review of the military purchase account case funds, it shall be sent to the Chief Accounting Office and the Audit Department of the Executive Yuan for verification in order to achieve a double-entry supervision mechanism.

3. For the arms purchase case that the United States agrees to be offered for sale, the Headquarters shall complete the construction procedures in accordance with the regulations and prepare a budget, and will only sign an offer with the United States after the legislative Yuan has reviewed and approved it.

4. It is not true that the relevant media stated that “182 military officers have been recorded for the surplus of military purchases” is not true. The data is statistical data on the concealed and unreported military discipline cases such as drunk driving from 104 to 107, not due to financial breaches. Punished. Please do not misrepresent it.

5. Relevant misinformation may mislead the public. This section is hereby clarified. At a time when the regional situation is severe, we call on the people of the country to continue to support the development of the army and jointly safeguard national security.

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