Japan-EU Joint Port Call in Djibouti

October 16, 2020 (Google Translation) – October 15, engaged in anti-piracy activities the European Union Naval Force (Somalia – Operation Atalanta) naval vessels and patrol aircraft and the Maritime Self-Defense Force escort ship “big wave” is jointly call at Djibouti. The nearest Port October 5-6 days the date that has been conducted in off the coast of Somalia Gulf of Aden to the joint between the EU maritime continue pulling in training is what was done in the Ku-shaped. This is, Japan and the EU’s commitment and to counter-piracy between the two forces according to the cooperation is intended to re-confirmation.

As to characterize this joint port of call, Japan and the ceremony that the EU was organized, civilian-related military authorities who attended. In the ceremony, from the EU , the local Djibouti corona infections by the school to support the measures for personal anti- Mamorugu and stationery is, Japan from, scan sports for equipment and stationery are each in the local school has been donated . During the joint port call, a video conference was held by senior officials from both Japan and the EU to discuss plans for further cooperation between the EU and Japan in the marine sector .

Japan and the EU, to ensure marine traffic routes, all traditional, maritime region of the world from non-traditional threats to protect, through the practical maritime cooperation, including cooperation on freedom of freedom and overflight of navigation, Le over We are committed to maintaining an international order based on our flights. From this perspective, Japan and the EU reaffirm the universal and inclusive nature of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which sets out the legal framework for all activities carried out in the oceans and waters . Japan and the EU, through the training and activities in the future of the sea, cooperation related to freedom and maritime security of navigation pursuit of power, are determined to continue to strengthen. In addition, day in this area sustained cooperation of the EU India we intend to expand the cooperation with Western and Pacific Ocean of the other partners .

[Shore defense minister’s comment: “and our country EU is a strategic partner to share the fundamental values, including the rule of law is, of sailing including cooperation on freedom of freedom and overflight practical a marine cooperation through, International秩based on the rule committed to the maintenance of mechanisms have. from this point of view, on the cooperation with Djibouti government, day EU of sea pirates deal forces, possible to achieve cooperation in local waters is extremely great significance there you will . open a free towards the maintenance and strengthening of Indo Pacific Ocean that he will continue is thought to cooperate with the EU. ”

[ Borel EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy High Representative ‘s comment: “Operation Atalanta EU naval forces, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and the African Union Somariami cushion ( ship of AMISON), essential guarding against other vulnerable vessels continue to provide you with. EU is, suppression of piracy and armed robbery in the region, prevention, to contribute to the suppression proud. last week, Japan and joint training, such as implementation, international law It demonstrates our strong commitment to defending and strengthening international peace and stability, especially to create a coalition of fellowships, including partner countries in Asia . The joint port call to Djibouti is a joint port call in Africa. It is a good example of Japan and our commitment to security and development. “

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