KRI Sultan Hasanuddin Conducts Weapons Training During UNIFIL

October 14, 2020 (Google Translation) – KRI Sultan Hasanuddin-366 from the ranks of the Koarmada II Task Force who is part of the Indonesian Konga XXVIII-L / UNIFIL 2019 Maritime Task Force (MTF), returned to carrying out a shooting exercise or Gunnery Exercise 76 mm cannon and 20 mm cannon which took place in the Lebanese Mediterranean Sea, precisely in the Barbara 3 Exercise area, west of the Maritime Area of ​​Operations (AMO) on Tuesday (13/10/2020) local time.

According to the MTF Dansatgas and KRI Commander Sultan Hasanuddin, Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Ludfy, this second exercise aims to maintain and maintain the combat instincts and professionalism of soldiers, as well as to maintain and check the readiness of the weapon systems owned by the warship from Koarmada II. .

“The day before the shooting, a briefing was held to all soldiers involved. It was emphasized to them that at the time of the shooting they obey the existing procedural rules and prioritize Zero Accident,” said Ludfy about the training procedure.

Furthermore, Ludfy said, the exercise began with the role of surface hazard combat, then gradually carried out from Muzzle Warm, Pre Action Caliberation (PAC) and continued with Live Firing.

“The purpose of using the PAC is to provide correct fire correction to the weapon system, as a parameter for preparation for further firing. A total of 19 bullets in the shooting all fell on the target, followed by firing the 20 mm cannon which was also right on target,” explained Ludfy.

Ludfy also added that with the shooting exercise, it was hoped that the soldiers of the 2019 Konga XXVIII-L / UNIFIL MTF Task Force would be more ready and professional in carrying out the mission they carried as UNIFIL UN peacekeepers in Lebanon.

“In addition, the equipment system, especially Sewaco, is always ready when needed. This is in line with the appeal of Pangkoarmada II TNI I NG Sudih Journalist, to the KRI Koarmada II element to always be ready to support Military Operations for War, as well as Military Operations Apart from War,” concluded Ludfy.

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