Vympel Delivers Project 1496M1E Sarych

October 15, 2020 (Google Translation) – On October 14, at the Vympel shipyard, after completion of the factory running and state tests, an acceptance certificate was signed for the patrol boat of project 1496M1E “Manatee”, serial number 01413. The boat with tail number 391 was named “Sarych”.

The boat completes a series of five units that Vympel built in the interests of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia.

The project of deep modernization of the boat has been carried out by the perspective shipbuilding department of the Vympel shipyard. In terms of its tactical and technical characteristics, it significantly surpasses the boat of the basic project and meets modern requirements for boats of this class.

To increase seaworthiness, the hull shape was optimized, the speed and carrying capacity were almost doubled, and the living conditions of the crew were improved.

The boat is designed for patrolling, provides towing of vessels with a displacement of up to 500 tons. Equipped with a fire extinguishing system to assist ships in distress.
In the near future “Sarych” will go to the base. He will serve on the Black Sea.

Main characteristics:

Full displacement, t – 131;
Overall length, m – 30.8;
Overall width, m – 6.7;
Draft at the highest displacement, m – 2.0;
Speed, knots – not less than 18;
Cruising range with the greatest reserves, miles – 2,000;
Autonomy, days – 20;
Main engines – YaMZ 8401;
Main engine power, hp – 3×800;
Sleeping places – 13.

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