Premier-Maitre L’Her Has a Busy Two Weeks

October 8, 2020 (Google Translation) – Fully integrated into NATO Task Group 606.01 as part of the combined exercise JOINT WARRIOR 20.2 , the high seas patrol vessel (PHM) Chief Petty Officer L’Her set off on September 30 from her stopover in Glasgow (United Kingdom). Uni) to travel to the north of Scotland and begin an intense phase of sea training.

On the program for these two weeks: exercises to fight asymmetric threats, surface, submarine and air, but also fire, electronic warfare and NAVigation WAR ( NAVWAR – operation in degraded GPS environment). The second half of this exercise is devoted to a multi-fight training with the British C arrier strike group (CSG) formed around the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elisabeth. These maneuvers are an opportunity for NATO navies to perfect their interoperability, both in terms of equipment and joint know-how, while training the crews in a dense and complex operational context.

The first day of exercise honored the onboard artillerymen who were able to practice shooting against land at Cape Wrath (north-eastern end of Scotland) with their 100mm gun, the main system of weapons of the First Master the Her . This firing, carried out in cooperation with the Portuguese frigate Corte Real and the Belgian frigate Leopold 1 , made it possible to achieve all the assigned land objectives.

The crew of Chief Petty Officer L’Her is already preparing for their next activity: close defense against fast hostile craft moving close to the Scottish lochs!

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