HNLMS De Ruyter Operational on Operation Agenor

March 6, 2020 (Google Translation) – For the first time since the start of mission Agenor, the Dutch and the French ships lie side by side in the Gulf of Oman. Air defense and command frigate HNLMS De Ruyter and air defense frigate Forbin together contribute to the European-led maritime presence in the Strait of Hormuz. Crew members are introduced to the way the colleagues work on the ship.

Crew members were transported between the 2 ships via the RHIB (fast, maneuverable motor boat) and the French helicopter.

“It was a good opportunity to get to know our counterpart in the same service section,” says Lieutenant-of-the-Sea 2nd-class oldest category Koen. He was given a tour by the commanding officer on the French ship. “We have made agreements about our further cooperation in the coming months.”

NH90 helicopter mechanic Corporal Kim was received by a French corporal, the mechanic of the French Panther helicopter. “Just like me the only lady in her team, very coincidental and very nice. Her team was very interested in the work we do with our NH90.”

That does not seem to differ much from how the French on-board flight team works. Kim: “We ran a Before First Flight (BFF) round together. We always do that before the first flight of the day to see if the helicopter is completely in order. That type of procedure differs little from each other.”

After the round of the occasional team, the Panther can make several deck landings on HNLMS De Ruyter. Commander Theo Klootwijk, among others, sets foot on his own ship after his visit. “The cooperation with the French is very natural. We know where to find each other and I expect that our units can work well together.”

Purpose of mission Agenor, the military arm of European-led Maritime Awareness in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASOH), is to contribute to a safe passage through the Strait of Hormuz and the adjacent seas. The ship charts all maritime activities. “In addition, our presence alone must remove tensions in the region,” said Klootwijk captain-lieutenant.

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