FS La Fayette Patrols with USS Roosevelt

October 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – “La Fayette” evokes, above all, Franco-American friendship and cooperation. Deployed in the Mediterranean since the end of July 2020, the first frigate in service of the Light Furtive Frigate (FLF) class lived up to its name by leading a force-based operation for several days with the American destroyer of the Arleigh Burke DDGH type USS Roosevelt ( the name of the 32nd president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt) deployed in the 6 th US fleet.

Operating together and without warning, even with your oldest ally, can be complex. This cooperation has been conducted with a view to maintaining interoperability and tactical agility imposed by a complex operational and geopolitical context.

In this regard, the interaction of the two units has given full satisfaction. It was an opportunity for the frigate La Fayette and the Roosevelt to execute coordinated air and sea ​​maneuvers based on joint tactical considerations, supported by secure communications and information systems.

Engaged since August in the central and eastern Mediterranean, the frigate La Fayette contributes to the autonomous assessment of the situation in France and to the support of Operation CHAMMAL.

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