Latouche-Tréville Joins EURONAVFORMED

October 6, 2020 (Google Translation) – Having sailed from Brest on September 18, the anti-submarine frigate (MDTF) Latouche Treville , committed since 1 st October in the Mediterranean in direct support to EURONAVFORMED IRINI operation launched on March 31, 2020 Council Decision European.

The integration of Latouche-Tréville into Task Force 464 therefore marks the return of France to this European Union (EU) operation, the main objective of which is to enforce the embargo on arms to destination of Libya, imposed by resolutions 2292 (2016) and 2526 (2020) of the United Nations Security Council.

Thanks to its sensors, its weapon systems and its ability to carry out control visits on board suspect ships, FASM Latouche-Tréville contributes, alongside its EU partners, to reducing the factors of instability on the Libyan theater. At the start of this mission, she will notably be required to work with the German frigate Hamburg and the Greek frigate Limnos under the operational control of Operation Head quarter (OHQ) EUNAVFORMED based in Rome. This deployment also allows France to have the capacity to independently assess the situation in the area.

From the gangway to the machines, from the central operations to the visiting team, from the kitchen to the medical service, the 223 sailors making up the crew are mobilized and trained to carry out this mission despite the health context which led to taking appropriate measures to guarantee the health of seafarers and the continuity of the mission.

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